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Thursday, June 3, 2010

To watch someone pass...

To watch someone pass is such a sad event.  There seems to be two emotions I have with this event.  There is ethier a sence of peace or chaos.  I have found when the patient  knows where they are going after death they seam to have the most peace.  When you step into their room there is a sence of calmness.  Compared to the choaotic feeling when a patient isn't sicure what is going to happen to themselves after they pass.  When you step foot in to a room with this type of patient there is choas, confusion and a sence of being franticness to stay alive. I feel my own soul scream.  I feel the urgencey to save this person. Unfortunitly as I let the Lord lead I know that I can't save everyone and people have their free will.This is one of my biggest difficalties in my proffesion.

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